Handling Online Reputation Problems with Online Reputation Experts

Poor media can have a terrible effect on the public image of your business, your professional, and/or your personal life. With the increasing cases of public scandals, negative or outrageous press releases, and Internet documentation, online reputation experts at Search Reputation are getting an increasing amount of business. These knowledgeable and experienced online reputation experts are trained by one of the pioneers of the web search industry. After graduating from Concordia and Carlton University, Herman Tumurcuoglu took an interest in web search and co-founded one of the first ever search engines, mamma.com. Why was it name that? Well, if you did not know the answer to something, you went and asked your mom.


Some of the service him and his team of online reputation experts offer include removing a search result from search engines completely, manipulating Google/Yahoo/Bing’s autocomplete or autosuggest, or suppressing a result using reverse SEO techniques. These reverse search engine optimization techniques are used amongst Tumurcuoglu’s team are based off of a platform that he has put together and he is constantly evolving with the advancements of search engine algorithms. As these algorithms get stricter in how they interpret result traffic and authority, him and his team have to refine their platform and processes to meet the demands and needs of the clients while using the given search engine.

Handling online reputation problems is not easy. It is especially hard if the desired suppressed result has ranked for a long time (1-2 years). It s then likely that it will take online reputation experts equally long to suppress it effectively with healthy backlinks. For that reason, Tumurcuoglu and his team of online reputation experts highly encourage individuals to constantly search up their names (and names of their businesses) in Google to make sure they do not have anything bad associated to their name. By staying on top of it, creating new content to compete with the negative content will be easy and will restore your public image almost immediately.

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