Pre-Event Planning

An Online Reputation Management Company located in New York is planning a event for their current clients along with potential clients and just an event to build up their customer data base and make some new connections.It is important to remember not to pack the agenda of the event day too much since you don’t want to overwhelm your guests and you should also have a online registration page where you will get to see how many people are going to be attending your event and t make room for last minute attendees. You can use the website Eventbrite for your important events.


Some companies will try and get sponsorships if they are a nonprofit company but when it comes to getting sponsorships for an event, you need to almost repay them and pitch to them why they should sponsor you. Normally if a large company sponsors you at your event, you need to market them at the event with different posters or maybe the chairs or tables will have their logo on it. Before you can land your sponsorship, you need to actually sell to them what the event is about and what you could do for them in return. You’ll also need to follow up with them after the event to let them know how it paid off and if they were able to help your company succeed. It is important to actually have a relationship with the sponsors you choose and maybe they are willing to work with you in the future for one of your next big events or maybe you can volunteer at their event instead.

Large companies will normally pay their employees to help out with the event and nonprofit companies will ask for volunteers to come and help out with the event they are hosting. When it comes to recruiting volunteers for your event, be sure to recruit way more than you think you will need since some volunteers may cancel at the last minute. You can recruit volunteers at different locations such as high schools, universities and cegeps, businesses, clubs, friends and family and even board members.

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