Things you need to Know Before Claiming PPI

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is an insurance policy that offers protection to those people who have difficulty in keeping up with their monthly payments for short-term loans or other kinds of credit. However, there can be certain misleading situations which can arise if a person hasn’t chosen for PPI coverage, but finds that he or she has to make payments for such services.  This is how PPI claims come into the picture and people can submit their complaints to the appropriate authorities.


  • For those who have the slightest doubt regarding the policy or terms should consult a claims management company in order to get clarification on the details regarding their loans.
  • The eligibility to seek compensation is confirmed if a person finds any detail in their contracts which they can’t really place or remember. A person can ask for compensation only if their eligibility to do so is verified by the authorities.
  • Make sure that you have all the documents related to PPI with yourself. The documents are very essential when going to claim for PPI, because that is what would help you get the refund with ease.
  • Before claiming PPI it is essential that you use the PPI calculator and know the approximate amount you are due to get as PPI refund. This will help you stay motivated to file for PPI claim.

PPI claims have been filed by millions of people and till now several billion pounds have been paid back to the consumers after they claimed for it. This is because even though there is nothing wrong with PPI in general, the way companies and agents went about selling it by misleading consumers and cheating them for their rights to know the terms and conditions well in advance, is what caused the major problem and made people to claim for it.

Another fact is that PPI is sold by individual companies as well and they sell it for much lesser than these loan companies and thus, even if you need a PPI, why should you buy it from these banks and heavy duty financial institutions and pay large amounts when the same coverage is available from elsewhere at much lower prices. Getting advice from professional PPI Claim Company will help you come to a right decision and will also get you maximum compensation, if you are looking forward to claiming ppi.

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